True's Exclusive DanceFit Studio: Live Class

True's Exclusive DanceFit Studio: Live Class

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Group Classes Not your thing? Simply want your own session tailored to your life's desires? Wanna dance with your own crew? No Problem. We Got YOU!

Choose from our variety of classes: 

HipHop, Sexy, Rnb, EDM, Cultured (All nationalities/ Your choice), and Fusion

or simply ask for a tailored session of your choice.

This session is all about You! We focus highly on what you would like to learn, or change, and turning your PAIN INTO GAIN. Empowerment, confidence, and healthy, happy healing! This session is where we shift insecurities into ensurities. Honing in on something that may be weighing heavy on you and set you free with the dynamic fine art of DANCE.

Live The Life You Desire & Deserve!!!


E-Mail VonTrue today with the availability of your convince to schedule your exclusive 1-on-1 session today! At: