About VonTrue

Alien Love Goddess. Spreading frequencies of peace, unconventional love, balance, and positivity on earth.  Bringing light to dark matters of the world and creating vibrational experiences of healing through music and dance. Specializing in generas of hip hop and r&b but accumulating tones of trap, indie electronica, trap, world music, rock, and pop music in songs. Singer, mc, songwriter, dancer, with a unique flow on each beat and  a distinctive, elegant, transcending voice. Born in and raised in the DMV with a passion for music, dance, and fashion. Fashion background, but has been writing music and poetry since seven, and a recording artist since 2016. Started performing at the age of 7 as a cheerleader, dancer, and tumbler, and has been taking over stages ever since.


VonTrue, a natural creative seeking to raise the vibrations of the world through my artistic ways. Name VonTrue meaning "of truth", which I speak in my lyrical compositions, blog talk, interviews, and through daily life. Songwriting since I was 7 years old. Professional musician since 2016. With a background and degree in fashion design, styling, and visual excellence. Music and fashion has always been my passions. Creating couturier designs and modern musical inspirations of futuristic hip hop, rap, rock, and indie electronica in my music. Currently a recording artist, dancer, and musical performer. As a 1st Soprano singer in the Agape International choir. Writing original songs in genres ranging from house, rock, and dance music, to r&b and rap. A original artist working with producers ranging from Danny Saber, BuBu of South Africa, to 30killa beats. Filling various roles in the entertainment industry as a model and actress. Singing raping, talking, and writing upon the perspective and balance of light, peace, love, positivity, joy, self love, and freedom. As well as illuminating darker realities of hate, limitation, negativity, anger, depression, ego, and overcoming inner and social issues of today.